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Springfield ball player looking for a score

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Springfield ball player looking for a score

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Rule 7: Conceding Putts-Typically in match play, putts can be conceded by your match partner of any length.

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Your match partner also can refuse to concede putts and force you to putt them of any length. If your first ball is OB or cannot be located, you will then play your provisional sscore shot as your 3rd shot. Rule 9: Lost Balls-We are setting a 5 minute limit when looking for a lost ball.

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Rule 6: Putting-Because of Covid, the golf course has been mandated to place foam in the holes. If a ball is lost in the rough or generally outside of the fairway, if the ball is not found you may drop from the spot you believe the ball is located and incur a one stroke lookijg.

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We will be following the same rule. In general however, if its on grass play it as it lies.

However, we still will score from tee till the ball is in the hole. Even if a putt is conceded, that still counts for the stroke it would have taken to hole out. This is very likely and encouraged when matches are close! Rule 5: Bunkers-If it is a particularly wet day, the bunkers are usually flooded or concrete like at the Oaks. Finally, in this scorecard example, notice Player 2 actually finished with a lower score after 9 holes but still lost the match.

Also hopefully once Covid restrictions lighten in the summer, players may choose to putt with the flagstick left in if they choose to do so! We will be teeing off at so please be on your hole and ready to play on time. Please arrive as close to 5pm as possible to get your green fees paid and setup ready to play.

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If a ball cannot be located while thought to be in a fairway within the timeframe, and both match partners agree the ball should be in the fairway; you may drop a new ball without incurring penalty. Notice how each score is recorded while also keeping track of the match in the boxes below.

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Please continue to play and score all 9 holes even if your match has been decided! We however will not lkoking enforcing penalities for grounding your club in a hazard, accidental contact, or ball movement as long as it is not excessive.

Rule Tee Positions-The teeing locations will be as follows to help increase competition and level the playing field since we have golfers of such various skill levels. Rule 8: Penalties-If you or your match partner believes your ball is hit out of bounds or is generally lost you will be required to hit a provisional second tee shot before leaving the tee-box. We hope to have fun, be competitive, and build new friendships and soringfield at the gall time.

Rule 4: Ball Position-Since the Oaks has had a few issues with flooding, new drainage tile, or just general areas where the ground is torn up; you can fluff your ball if your lie is unfair because of one of the ly mentioned issues.

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However, if the putt was going too fast sprinngfield just grazed the outer edge, discuss with your match partner and come to a reasonable decision if the putt was holed. If a ball is hit out of bounds a player may decide instead of hitting a provisional or dropping from the same location to instead place their ball at the spot where it last crossed the fairway before heading out of bounds. Finally, if a ball is hit after a tee bxll and enters a hazard you may drop behind where the ball entered the hazard with a one stroke penalty.

A 1up indicates a player is one hole ahead of their match partner. At the end of the night, text Jacob an image of your score card for our records. Please keep accurate individual scores for you and your match partner. It is important to remember you must still accurately score the hole. This is because Player 2 is technically eliminated from winning after the 8th hole in this example.

Rules are so that everything is fair and fun! In general, if a putt passes over the foam and bounces out, count the putt as made. On the Course Rule 3: Scoring-We will be using a match play style of scoring. Because of this, it can be hard to sprjngfield if your putt would have gone in. Unlike normal stroke and distance penalities choosing this will result in a two stroke penalty.