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Seeking straight edge male

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Seeking straight edge male

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Just seeking to have some discreet fun with an attractive married female who isn't satisfied withher sexlike life. I just never got one before.

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Heck they introduce a ton of characters that other than the main 4 I couldn't tell you who they were or anything about them.

Was this review helpful to you? Though even that is weak as it goes from 0 to on violence and doesn't show a lot of it or gets real close when it does.

More of the second half none of the first next time. The movie gets bearable once it turns into a murder fest. Then right at the end the tone shifts from omg there is straihgt and death everywhere to jokes and that was crazy but oh well.

Then you suffer through what feels like an hour of "story" that should have been and easily could have been condensed way down. The opening is just torture as you are forced to listen to incomprehensible music for about 4 songs.