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Self-focused or isolating lifestyle choices can lead to unhappiness and being disconnected from society for those who have greater need for companionship and relationships. Schools will need to consider the needs of their cohort of pupils in deing this content. Ouhdoors integrated, whole-school approach to the teaching and promotion of health and wellbeing has a potential positive impact on behaviour and attainment.

Schools may consider accessing support from the NHS or local specialist services who may be able to provide advice and CPD for teachers. This should be linked to information on the benefits of sufficient sleep, good nutrition and strategies for building resilience. This will mean that pupils feel they can check their understanding and seek any necessary help and advice as they gain knowledge about how to promote good health and wellbeing.

Seeking outdoors workout adult sex personal

A firm foundation in the benefits and characteristics of good health and wellbeing will enable teachers to talk about isolation, loneliness, unhappiness, bullying and the negative impact of poor health and wellbeing. Pupils should also be taught about problems and challenges.

This should ensure male and female pupils are prepared for changes they and their peers will experience. Where we have identified any third party copyright information you will need to obtain permission from the copyright holders concerned. Pupils should also be taught the benefits of hobbies, seekin and participation in their own communities.

This knowledge should enable pupils to understand where normal variations in emotions and physical complaints end and health and wellbeing issues begin. Puberty including menstruation should be covered in Health Education and should, as far as possible, be addressed before onset. This should include details on which adults in school addult. Pupils should be supported to recognise what makes them feel lonely.

Pupils should be taught about the benefits of rationing time spent online and the risks of excessive use of electronic devices. In secondary school, teaching should build on primary content and should introduce new worlout to older pupils at appropriate points. Teaching about the impact of puberty, which will have started in primary school, should eeeking in secondary school, so that pupils are able to understand the physical and emotional changes, which take place at this time and their impact on their wider health and wellbeing.

Spending time outdoors is good for you, from the Harvard Health Letter

Teachers should cover self-care, the benefits of physical activity and time spent outdoors. This will enable them to become confident in their ability to achieve workoug and persevere even when they encounter setbacks or when their goals are distant, and to respond calmly and rationally to setbacks and challenges.

Schools should continue to develop knowledge on topics specified for primary as required and in addition cover the following content by the end of secondary: Mental wellbeing how to talk about their emotions accurately and sensitively, using appropriate vocabulary that happiness is linked to being connected to others how to recognise the early s of mental wellbeing concerns common types of mental ill health e. They should understand that humans are social beings and that outward-facing activity, especially that with a service focus for example, work, volunteering and participation in organisations such as the scouts or the girl guiding movements, the National Citizen Service or the Duke of Edinburgh Award are beneficial for wellbeing.

Exercise safety

This starts with pupils being taught about the benefits and importance of daily exercise, good nutrition and sufficient sleep, and giving pupils the language and knowledge to understand the normal range of emotions that everyone experiences. It should enable them to recognise what is normal and what is an issue in themselves and others and, when issues arise, know how to seek support as outdolrs as possible from appropriate sources. The impact of time spent online, the positive aspects of online support and negotiating social media, including online forums and gaming, should also be included.

Teachers should understand that pupils who have experienced problems at home may depend more on schools for support. Pupils should be taught how to judge when they, or someone they know, needs support and where they can seek help if they have concerns.

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Effective teaching should aim to reduce stigma attached to health issues, in particular those to do with mental wellbeing. In later primary school, pupils should be taught why social media, computer games and online gaming have age restrictions and should be equipped to manage common difficulties encountered online. Pupils should know the contribution that hobbies, interests and participation in their own communities ourdoors make to overall wellbeing.

In addition to curriculum content, schools should also make adequate and sensitive arrangements to help girls prepare for and manage menstruation including with requests for menstrual products.

Types and indicators of abuse

Physical health and mental wellbeing: Primary The focus in primary school should be on teaching the characteristics of good physical health and mental wellbeing. This should include factual information about the prevalence and characteristics of more serious mental and physical health conditions, drugs, alcohol and information about effective otdoors.

Schools should engender an atmosphere that encourages openness.

Emphasis should continue to be given to steps pupils can take to protect and support their own health and wellbeing. This teaching should make clear that people seekint social beings and that spending time with others, taking opportunities to consider the needs of others and practising service to others, including in organised and structured activities and groups for example the scouts or girl guide movementsare beneficial for health and wellbeing.

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Schools may also choose to teach about issues such as eating disorders [footnote 1]. Teachers should be clear that mental wellbeing is a normal part of daily life, in the same way as physical health. Emphasis should be given to the positive two-way relationship between good persnal health and good mental wellbeing, and the benefits to mental wellbeing of physical exercise and time spent outdoors.

They should know that there is a relationship between good physical health and good mental wellbeing and that this can also influence their ability to learn.