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It has to present itself.

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Sometimes, the aside is merely a knowing glance to the viewer, acknowledging that a gambit is in play. He admits it might have been foolhardy to begin developing the pilot script with writer Beau Willimon with only Spacey in mind. It allows actors to fill the space and play out the scene without cutting a lot. It's a Frank Capra trick from way back. It's a great privilege to be working on material you know to be good, and to try to do it in a way you feel it should be done.

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That doesn't seem like where the drama is,' and then you watch a scene get honed and cut and then you say, 'That's somebody's instinct. More from this topic.

Explains Joel Schumacher of his episodes, five and six: "The first four plant a few seeds, but by five and six, shit is hitting the fan. What viewers will also get proshitute a series uncommon as a creative enterprise, in that it marries the sptings efficiency of multiple-episode television with the directorial control typically associated with moviemaking.

Working off a two-season, episode commitment from Netflix, Fincher looked to implement a creative process that was liberating for directors.

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An American reworking of the British miniseries of the same name about power plays in Parliament, it stars Kevin Spacey as Francis Underwood, a deviously intelligent House of Representatives Majority Whip who will do anything to secure his own political standing, but also punish anyone who sprkngs his rise. It's not an imposed thing. So I was happy to hear that they were not interested in that," Franklin says.

But unlike most television programs, which are set up to give writers, producers and executives final word, House of Cards was going bleu be a director-centric playground, filming on several massive sets in a ,square-foot Baltimore warehouse. It's about how you manage your time.

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Says Coulter, "I asked him, 'Was there too little? I got some juicy stuff. David was forthright about that from the beginning.

It was an eye-opening experience in how other filmmakers operate. After Jamie and me, I think dprings was really exhausted, and then Joel comes in and suddenly everybody's having a great time again. There will be nothing lying on the cutting room floor when we're done.

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It doesn't include anyone else, or if it does, they're out of focus. It has reawakened my sense of discovery. He'd have his comments, but we'd be able to address those comments.

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Carl Franklin lets on that he directed some of the season's most emotionally explosive, crescendoing moments, while his handoff in the relay to Coulter brought the series to a close with reactive episodes that "set the table for the jn season. This was unusual in that from the beginning David said directors would have final cut.

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And by "mainline," Fincher is referring to the fact that if viewers want the binge-watching experience, they'll have that option when Netflix makes the entire House of Cards first season instantly available on its website in February. It gives the actors a chance to get familiar with you.

The same fortune happened with the key players. Coulter, who Fincher knew from their days shooting commercials, says working on House of Cards was far from the "day player" vibe many shows give off toward guest directors.

There's plenty of space to dolly and do the voodoo we do, but without handheld or Steadicam, which are sometimes used in lazy filmmaking. He follows the drama. But I had three more days prostitte episode] than the other directors in order to set the tone. But the actor quickly committed upon seeing the material.

I wanted to create an environment where you go in, point at the left field wall and swing as hard as you can. I could say, 'Go wbsite out and come in again,' and it's amazing the pace you get. We really tried to shoot it like a film.

When you've got people like Spacey and Robin Wright, their instincts are always in the right place. Because he could only print so many takes, he used to say, 'Keep it rolling, go out and come in. A shot of somebody reading a business card, for example, was about blie the actor's face, not having to see an insert of the card. Photo: Patrick Harbron for Netflix Director David Fincher doesn't mince words when he describes the changing nature of audience behavior regarding small screen episodic storytelling, or, as it has mostly been known, TV-viewing.

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But when Netflix said yes, the understanding was that the directors would be left alone. If you could come in and tell your story, and a reasonable [to make] it, you'd go do it. That was really interesting.