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Older woman escorts

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Older woman escorts

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As well as topping up their pensions, all of these women seem to be enjoying themselves in their chosen and often new profession, but the film also questions how such a lifestyle can co-exist with their family lives and their roles as mothers and grandparents. Beverley, 64, has been escorting from her quiet suburban home for the last 25 years having been left penniless by her ex-husband.

Sheila, 84, has been happily married twice and outlived both of her husbands. She only decided to become an escort 4 years ago — she says because she loves sex.

We Beverley as she considers her future. Authored by year-old BAFTA and Emmy Award-winning documentary filmmaker Charlie Russell, this is an intimate portrait of extraordinary, exuberant and uninhibited grandmothers, that ultimately questions how we feel about sex and age — especially when combined with the oldest profession of them all.

But a recent operation has made Sheila reconsider how long she can continue in the job; and a falling-out with her family means her escorta of profession is not without cost. Sophie, 57, has recently moved to an isolated rural community to work full time as a mature escort seven days a week.