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Looking for the missing part

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Looking for the missing part

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Excerpted by Marnae Wilson. That was the end of reading novels all the time. I was still reading when the sun came up the next morning. She has experienced miracles as she collects the names of her deceased relatives, especially her ths, and does their temple work.

She is sure her father is especially pleased to ;art found the missing parts of the gospel he had wanted so desperately. Instead, he was just sitting, looking so sad. I am sad because there is something I cannot find in the Bible.

I had many questions for miissing, and she gave me good answers. Sithole Frequently, people who are most familiar with the Bible easily recognize the teachings of the restored gospel and the truths in the Book of Mormon.

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Without his knowing it, I would follow him and play nearby, not making a noise. I came to him and took his hand gently, just the way he used to take mine. paft

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She told me to read the book and pray to God to understand it. I liked her a lot.

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She even brought me the booklets and asked me to read them. She said the book was called the Book of Mormon.

She had moved with her daughter and grandchildren to Mayville inand she parg right across the street from Margaret Dlamini, a member of the Church. The next day she brought the book and told me about it.

Then he would go to his room to read the Bible by himself. Her father was a very busy preacher, but aprt took the time to teach his children. Sometimes he would read from the Bible and ask us questions.

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Something is missing, and I cannot find it. One day you will be the one to find this missing thing from the Bible.

Then I asked if I had made him angry. Everything she told me was new, and I liked what she explained. You did nothing wrong.

Then one day she told me she was going to give me a book because I liked reading. She seemed to be a very good person. These people are familiar with the teachings of Jesus Christ, and they diligently search for a religion miswing embraces these teachings and answers the questions which the Bible seems to leave unanswered.