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Looking for something worth my while

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Looking for something worth my while

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It will be strictly someyhing just between the two of us. Let talk and get this going:) Hope I see you around. Even if, God forbid, she was a Vols fan, he would be thrilled to find her.

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When asking a favor from someone, you can say "I'll make it worth your while" to imply that you'll reward them for giving up their time to help you. worth my while, synonyms and antonyms in the English synonyms dictionary, see also 'worthy' expression used for saying that someone is worth bei doozy. I'd like to think we were doing something worthwhile instead of wasting our it's a worthwhile consideration to look into buying equipment breakdown coverage.

With hyperinflation the local currency has become virtually worthless. This documentary was definitely worth making the effort to watch. Somrthing is always worth fighting for your freedom and independence.

Note from the above example that worth can also be modified by well to make the expression well worth. Note that to be worth your weight in gold and not worth the paper they are printed on are both idioms.

Word order cannot be changed. It's not really worth my while to spend the whole day on my feet behind the counter for as little as fifty pounds. The difference is one of form only and both forms are frequently used Is it worth repairing this car?

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I shall never have any independence. Worth usually follows the verb to be and is often used with a preparatory it.

Be sometthing a lot of money Worth is also often followed by a noun phrase when we are discussing the monetary value of something or somebody and saying how much it or they are worth. He bought me earrings worth two thousand pounds. In both of them we are talking about the value of an activity.

It can then be followed by an -ing clause: It looikng definitely worth making the effort to watch this documentary. There is no difference in meaning between the first two sentences.

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It's a stradivarius. ,y meeting was so worthwhile and all the arguments about profit margins have now been sorted out. This car is not worth repairing With this structure the object of the -ing clause is made the subject of the sentence and the preparatory it becomes superfluous: This documentary was definitely worth watching.

Compare the following: It may be worth comparing this year's profit margins with last year's It may be worthwhile to compare this year's profit margins with last year's It may be worth your while to compare this year's profit margins with last year's worthless Note that if something is worthless, it has no value or use: The guarantee will be worthless if the company goes out of business.

Her companionship is worth a great deal to me. She's worth her weight in gold. Sometimes, worthwhile simply means of value and can be used in a similar way to worth with preliminary it.

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Note that with this construction, it can be used to refer to an action mentioned in the sentence: Shall we have this car repaired? Freedom and independence are always worth fighting for. The policies are not worth the paper they're printed on.

If you would like to practise more please visit our Message Board in the You, Me and Us part of our website. The government's promises and policies are not worth very much.

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