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Looking for something quite specific

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Looking for something quite specific

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There's also maha great that is often thrown in with thera; it means something quite specific with respect to Thai monastic titles you actually become a maha after passing a certain level of Pali exams- or at least that used to be the rulebut I don't know quute anywhere else. Bhante is another option- often translated as 'Venerable Sir' when put into English.

Since no Buddhist sect other than some recent Western creations uses English as its primary language, it's not really correct to say that any Buddhist sect bestows the title 'Venerable'. Jump to Jump to search This article is a bit problematic.

What you have is various different titles that mean different things in different sects that are translated as 'Venerable' when the names of monks are put into English. Secretlondon3 November UTC.

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