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Looking for my springtime downpatrick that might

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So how are people coping with this new way of living?

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We are well, we have enough food and we live near the beach where we can go for a walk, but you still have that sense of doom in your chest," she says. Helen Hanna, a geography teacher and mother of three from Belfast, was one of many teachers who have offered online help to downpatrcik parents. She says she was determined to be positive and continue migut exercise her horses as much as possible for them to be ready when life returns to normal.

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The unprecedented social distancing measures announced by the government have changed life beyond recognition. Ruth, who will also do some upcycling while housebound, says they both felt they would like to help others during the crisis, but are of an age where they might be considered at fpr. Those waves of panic have come over me.

People across Northern Ireland are adjusting to a "new normal". They will help me get out of bed in the morning," she says.

All of these things in life are very manageable," he says. She hopes the colourful lessons will add structure to their day. Harry says his former job at a national bank and his cancer diagnosis had conditioned him sprlngtime "big shocks" like the government request to stay at home.

He added that seven weeks of imposed self-isolation following a bone marrow transplant had given him an idea of what to expect. Bars, cafes and restaurants are closed, we're allowed out of the house to stock up on groceries - albeit infrequently - and we're only allowed one form of exercise outdoors a day.

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She says she was relieved they returned home to "lockdown". She donated 50 fish suppers to vulnerable and isolated people, which were delivered by volunteers.

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It reminds me of when he was a newborn and had to be isolated because of his condition. For some, lockdown is not that different from usual life.

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