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The mayor officially asked Frank to re-up in February and he agrees.

InOfficer Sculley, who had kept his head down for the last 14 years and made great strides to atone for his horrible rookie mistake, passed the Sergeant's exam with flying colors. He also refuses to play favorites; in season 4, he mentions that he is afraid to recommend Jamie, now with four years on the force, for promotion to Detective because it would look like nepotism.

However, he transferred out of the unit after Greta, his partner, was shot and killed by a burglar Frank sent her in after. He was eventually promoted to Inspector and placed in command of the 15th Precinct.

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Charles was the one who taught him how to fish. The bullets miss Frank, but hit Mayor Lznsing and leave him paralyzed and confined to a wheelchair. After three years on patrol, he was promoted to Detective 3rd Grade.

In one episode, it is mentioned that Frank's wife's lanskng was one of the builders on the Brooklyn Bridge in the s and '80s. He began his career as a patrol officer stationed at the 27th Precinct. He tries hard not to judge people, and tends to purse his lips together when hearing bad news or the horrific details of an ongoing case.

Paula said the two had a brief affair and she never told Joe about his son. Due to the chaos, a shootout ensued in which two police officers were wounded and four people from the Westies were killed, including Whitey's wife and grandson. He lanaing decides to stay for "as long as the Mayor's head is in his ass" which was remarked as indefinitely.

He transferred out of the unit after Greta was shot and killed by a burglar Frank sent her in after. Growing up, Frank became friends with Angelo Gallo Chazz Palminteriwho grew up to be one of the top mafia lawyers.

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Frank was reluctant to promote him, lest tensions between the citizens and the police grow even worse and ultimately offered Officer Sculley a choice: transfer to another city Long IslandAlbuquerque, New MexicoBoulder, Coloradoor San Diego were among the departments Frank esocrt to or take his promotion to Sergeant and ride a desk at the NYPD Erie Basin Auto Pound in Brooklyn for the rest of his career. In the s, Frank led the attempt to apprehend Whitey Brennan, the head of the Westiesat his grandson's baptism.

Jamie Lansing has had it bad for firefighter Smith Grayson for as long as theyve been friends. Yes Yeah, Im a male escort, but not just any escort, Im the escort. Haynes, Lansing L. Heise, Debra A. Herndon, James C. Hicks, George G. Michigan State Police have temporarily closed the Capitol building due to a confirmed bomb threat in Lansing on Thursday. 3 hours ago.

Paul's Chapel, where he and other officers slept in the pews. Weissthe leader of a corrupt gang of police officers called the Blue Templar; [3] and Jamie Will Estes is a Sergeant ased to the 29th Precinct with a law degree from Harvard University.

His older brother, Peter Christopher Reagan, died of leukemia at the age of 18 months, over a year before Frank was born. Frank allowed him to retire rather than face demotion to Captain and reasment to the th Precinct in Staten Island. Frank's only daughter, Erin Bridget Moynahanis also in law enforcement[ citation needed ] as a Manhattan Assistant District Attorney.

He spent days at Ground Esscort, and took refuge at St. Jimmy Burke Gary Basaraba — Frank's partner while stationed at the 27th Precinct who took a bullet for him.

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Paula visits Frank and reveals the news in an effort to get her son, a young detective in the firearms unit, ased to a less dangerous precinct. After Gallo was shot on the orders of lnasing former client, Frank has him publicly arrested for hindering prosecution, to protect him from being considered a rat.

His shield as a Patrol Officer wasbased on the portrait of him by artist Trudy Slaughter Mimi Rogersan old acquaintance of his who was commissioned to paint his official portrait as Commissioner in " Brushed Off ", and elected to portray jamid at the start of their acquaintance.