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There are a few important vocabulary terms we should iron-out before diving into Mendel's Laws. We will use a pair of letters ex: Tt or YY or ss, etc.

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Look at it. Wanna know the simplest way to determine an organism's phenotype?

By carefully analyzing his pea plant s he was really good at mathematicshe discovered three indeependent of inheritance. A different code for of the same gene makes hair straight.

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Heterozygous means one of each allele in lookingg genotype ex: Cc. What makes Mendel's contributions so impressive is that he described the basic patterns of inheritance before the mechanism for inheritance namely genes was even discovered.

Water Mnan. Each letter in the diagram stands for an allele form of a gene.

Vocabulary Review Questions 1. So to review some vocab, homozygous means having two of the same allele in the genotype 2 big or 2 little letters CC or cc. Getting back to our abbreviations, we could use a "C" for the curly allele, and a "c" for the straight allele.

Alleles for a trait are located at corresponding positions on homologous chromosomes. The "a-forms" are in corresponding positions, so are the "B-forms", the "c" alleles, the "d" alleles, etc.

In this picture the two "hot dog" shapes represent a pair of homologous chromosomes. A person's genotype with respect to hair texture has three possiblilties: CC, Cc, or cc.

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My name is ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-Mendel. What is the best way to determine the phenotype of the feathers on a bird? Examples of fir blue eyes, brown fur, striped fruit, yellow flowers. So the gene for hair texture exists as two alleles one curly code, and one straight code.

Mendel's Laws are as follows: 1. What's important to notice is that the letters can be in different forms capital or lookinh that is what we mean by allele and that the letters are lined-up in the same order along each hot dog I mean homologous chromosome. For example, there is a gene for hair texture whether hair is curly or straight.

Which of the following pairs is not correct? One form of the hair texture gene codes for curly hair.

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Mendel's thunder. Hail to the "Father of Genetics"!

Monks had inxependent lot of time on there hands and Mendel spent his time crossing pea plants. More on that in a minute Well "allele" is a fancy word for what I called codes. Sometimes the term "PURE" is used instead of homozygous.

Which of the following is a possible abbreviation for a genotype?