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Hi looking for new exsperiances

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We learn from good and bad experiences and the ups and downs of life, but some people may have had extreme events in their life that would be distressing to revisit. Your caring role may be something that developed over time.

How we feel about these experiences can vary too. Print functionality varies between browsers. How can this be helpful for the future?

For instance, what we consider important can change over time, or ezsperiances differ at different points of our life. The aim is to work out what skills and abilities you have built up, together with the qualities you have developed, particularly from caring, in addition to ones you have gained in other areas of your life. Experiences over time In this section you will be asked to draw a timeline to plot your life experience.

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In this session you are asked to look at your life experiences, including your caring experiences. It can be very difficult to look back over our life or our experiences; for some people, this may bring to mind some issues or memories that they would rather not confront.

So, how do we define high points and low points? The timeline creates a graphic picture of your life — or a period in your life — that will help you to identify the ups and downs, and also any patterns or recurring themes that you may not have been aware of. Then try to answer the questions fir follow.

If you find this activity distressing, you may want to omit it or to discuss it with someone you trust. For others, becoming a carer might have been a sudden event.

Printable generated Thursday, 7 JanSession 2: Learning by looking at my life over time Introduction Figure 2. Remember, you can also select which areas of your life you want to focus on.

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Printable generated Thursday, 7 ExsperiajcesUse 'Print preview' to check the of s and printer settings. However, the person you are now is partly a result of everything that has happened to you in the past: who you were with, where you have been, what you have done and the outside events that have affected your life.

The actual time frame will lookimg up to you — it can include your whole life since childhood, or you might want to focus on recent study or work experience, or on specific roles you might have such as carer, volunteer or student for example. Session 1 was about looking at yourself in your present situation. The value of looking at our roles and experiences, and recognising the influences on our lives, is that we can unpick what really interests and motivates us and start to understand our decision making: is there a pattern?

Look at the example timelines. Activity 2. If at any point you feel the course has brought difficult emotions then you can visit Carers.

Can we see the difference between choices that we make and changes that happen that are out of our control? Your experience of caring is likely to have a strong influence over your present situation.

Are there recurring themes in the choices we make?