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However, as other casino cities have revealed, casinos have a flip side. The opening is now beyond doubt. But Lee is not wrong about a more exciting phase of growth for this global city, only that his timing was off by a few years, he added.

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You need to search for a city or an adress. The integrated resorts will result in an additional 25, related jobs being created.

Search close to you You need to search for a city or an adress. Not to forget — loan sharks! The news helps to soothe jittery nerves as Singapore moves deeper into recession.

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Their total requirement of 20, employees within only months, ranging from museum director and top managers to roulette operators and hotel receptionists, is not easy to meet. The vibrancy they will bring is more predictable.

These casinos could reduce the severity of the recession. It will bring about more bankruptcies and broken homes, not to mention crime and prostitution. All this could spawn a protsitute demand for other type of professionals — social workers, gambling councillors and family mediators.

But millions of job-seekers here and the surrounding countries, the redhiill of this new casino culture in Singapore is a heaven-sent. In a city mired in pessimism, one of the two large casino resorts has launched the biggest recruitment drive in a recession in preparation for launch next year.

However, many analysts still see a tough road ahead; with tourism in decline, casinos in Las Vegas and Macau are reporting fewer visitors. The government says it has taken all possible steps to minimise the impact. It was one of several banks and brokerages that are sacking workers — albeit a trickle.

Spouses can also stop their addicted partners from the tables. These business and family resorts will change the face of Singapore when the recession blows over. We will find the closest match from your location anonymously.

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With the limited population, the casinos will result in a greater reliance on foreigners, whatever the intention. But in the wake of the weakening job market the grumbling has become less noisy. The SGD 5.

Until then, these are the only two. More than 20 retrenched equity and investment staff from crisis-hit Merrill Lynch were packing their bags.

Last week as excited crowds talked about casino jobs, some 2km away in the financial district, a less happy scenario was unfolding. Gambling on casinos to lift gloom The two casinos, opening late next year and earlywill need 20, employees that will provide a bright spark to the poor job market.

Without them, it could last longer and jobs harder to come prosittute. They stormed out. By and early, the worldwide recession is unlikely to end yet.

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