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Traveling rapidly, the camp was soon reached and, everything being in readiness, Capt.

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Some Mexicans, who were captured in a fight some time afterwards, and were with Cordova on this trip, say that if the Texans had followed them a short distance further, they would have overtaken them, for at the time esdorts turned back, Cordova's band had stopped on the Nueces, and were burying those of their party who had died from rattlesnake bites received in their passage through the pears.

That night Callahan placed a double guard matamoro the prisnrs and the next day he marched them accross the branch and up the slope west of town about a half mile and halted them under a clump of liveoaks. Hence farther pursuit was futile and Caldwell returned, followed the road to San Antonio.

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Hardeman, Wm. Dave had been hit with a larg ball just below the collarbone, and the ball was burred and was still sticking in his breast with a peace of his shirt under it. On the same day President Houston, then in Nacogdoches, who had issued a proclamation to the immigrants, received a letter ed by the persons whose names have been given, disavowing allegiance to Texas and claiming to be citizens of Mexico.

The Indians kill game along the route of their march, which draws the carrion crows; and they will some times follow the trail for days and weeks. Arriving, there, however, the whole town welcomed then, with open arms.

He was misinformed. Augustin was detailed to follow his trail, while Gen. Further up on the rising ground, near some jatamoros mesquite trees, lay the body of a Bilouxie Indian with the head cut off.

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They did so and braught them back and leaned them against one of the trees and Callahan then ordered 8 of Burlesons men to march passed the tree and each one to take a gun. The reason why they gave up the pursuit here was on of the jaded condition of the horses. The old one worked away [as cal]mly as if he workeing for wages, but after gitting the [graves] part [dug] the young one relented and commenced to beg for his life, but Callahan said sentance had been passed on him hendersoh higher authority and he would do his duty.

Anderson and French Smith, George W. Eleven warriors were left dead, and, of course, a much larger were wounded. I says, "Boys, what does that mean," pointing to the large gang of buzzards. mmatamoros

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Callah[an] [o]rdered the writer, me, to take three men and go up the San Jeronemo and over to Yorks Creek and back down Mill Creek on a scouting mission. Caldwell's Company of six months' men, while failing to have any engagement, rendered valuable service in protecting the settlers, including Gonzales and Seguin, on the Guadalupe, the San Marcos and La Vaca. The negro, was a vicious old rascal, and said he had killed women and children enough to swim in their blood. I stated the fact openly and repeatedly on the ground after the battle and no one then asserted differently.

The latter soon sent word among the yet sleeping villagers, calling for volunteers to him by sunrise.

Karnes presided. The citizens was in conciderable excitement. The venerable Mrs.

Another coincidence may be stated, viz. One such, in the mountains, severely wounded, attracted the experienced eye of Ben Yenderson as a valuable horse, if he could be restored to soundness.

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The old negro would not take this for an answer but look [ed] at John Box, who was sargeant of the guarde, as though [he] had put the question to him. The horses commenced snorting and awoke Milford just as one of them was untying his horse.

Sscorts of Cameron's Company, when old Vasquez, a New Madrid Spaniard in our command, recognized him, as did others later. Burleson called Captain Callahan, George W. He instantly dispatched a messenger, who reached Caldwell before daylight.

But it was not so. The middle aged negro was then braught forward and intgated.

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In a chase after two Mexican scouts, between the Nueces and Laredo, in the Somervell expedition, in December,in a field of perhaps twenty-five horses, Flacco, the Lipan chief, slightly led, closely followed by Hays on the horse presented him by Leonard W. Gray, Paris Smith, French, and Abraham Roberts to sit as a court martial, the prisnrs were brought before this court martial and they interogated the old negro first. The pool was near two hundred yards long and, about forty yards below whare they ware bathing, the river mad a sharpe turn round a point of brush.

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McCulloch was on him at the time and the writer of this, just dismounted, stood within ten feet. Campbell's men returning from a scout, and encamped for the night. Valentino Canalizo, secondly, protection under the Mexican government and fee simple rights, to the respective territories occupied by them.

Poor and David Reynolds. Rusk raised two hundred volunteers and moved against them.

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Butler's farm is now situated, five mile east of Seguin, he discovered that the prairie was on fire ahead of him, and rode on very cautiously, keeping a sharp lookout, for this some times denoted the presence of Indians. To the Upper Trinity and Brazos, he went and remained till March,in constant communication with the wild Indians, urging them to a relentless war on Texas, burning and destroying the homes and property of the settlers, of course with the deadly horrors of their mode of warfare, and promising them, under the instructions of Gen.

He finely recovered after years of pain and suffering, but it mad a cripple of him for life, but he is still liveing at this writing and limping around on one short leg and has seen as many ups and downs since that time as matamorso man of his age.

Rice, a gallant young ranger, in command of seventeen men, fell upon his trail, pursued, overhauled and assailed him on Brushy creek not the San Gabriel as stated by Yoakumin the edge of Williamson County. Nichols, Sr.