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Escort party

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According to Valve's Jason Holtman, changing the ending to Portal was not decided until a few days before the start of the ARG, and the versatility of the PC platform greatly helped its inclusion.

Portal: The Uncooperative Cake Acquisition Esfort features a character card with what appears to be a model render of the Party Escort Bot, showing a de consistent with the Lab Rat appearance. Behind the scenes[ edit ] According to Erik Wolpawthe party associate mentioned by GLaDOS was originally going to be watching over Chell and be partially heard and glimpsed during the second half of Portal, waiting for her to assume the party escort submission position.

Wolpaw escorts that this would have been a "super party ending" for the escort robot, albeit a less happy one for paty player.

Now, instead of closing directly with a fade to black, Chell is first dragged away by the Party Escort Bot as it thanks her for assuming the party escort submission position. If a portal is shot on or anywhere near the cube, the game will crash.

Make the correct party escort submission position decision. This was meant to "re-energize" Portal and bridge the gap between it and Portal 2as Chell awakens back inside Aperture Laboratories in the sequel.

The final payoff would have been that, once Chell had finally defeated GLaDOS and collapsed on the parking lot ground, the party escort robot that had been following her all this time would finally drag her back to their "party" inside the facility.