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Curious and looking for help

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Curious and looking for help

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Curiosity has a motivated force that is stimulated internally boredom or by external stimuli.


A primary drive is inborn or innate whereas a secondary drive is learned or acquired. Berlyne believes that curiosity is a motivational prerequisite for exploratory behavior. However, Hebb believes that curiosity seeking behavior poses a paradox for drive based s of curiosity. Older theories oriented toward instinct and drive concepts. The most basic problem that has curkous curiosity researchers and theorists is the underlying cause of curiosity. Whereas the looking impulse and curiosity are primarily sexual in origin, the child's exploratory interest and desire for knowledge can be considered to be a by product of cognitive development.

Why Young Children Are Curious

Harlow's nonhomeostatic intrinsic drive theory has been attacked by drive and learning theorists. However, cultures generally vary both in attitudes towards exploration and information seeking as well as in the range of situations allowing the expression of the various manifestations of exploration and curiositythis is especially true for the sensation-seeking motive.

Curiosity and exploration are difficult to define independently when looking at them from a psychological perspective, the concepts motivation and drive come into play and become intertwined. The partial impulse of looking motivates the child's great interest in all things and all events that have to do with sexuality. Also, different cultures form various geographical regions show evidence for cross-cultural similarities in exploratory behavior.

Why Curiosity?

Some research has shown that unsatisfied curiosity tends to intensify over some interval as do other drives such as loo,ing and thirst. Can curiosity and exploration be operationally defined independent of one another?

According to industry leader John Vlastelica, curiosity may be the most or just someone looking to improve yourself and get an edge in your career. compensation) that'll help us improve the ROI of our recruiting efforts and. Curious Cloud: A conceptual methodology to support the solving of 'messy' way of looking at a given problem space and identifying which tools might be most. Your goal with a CURIOUS person is to steward their curiosity and help them It also explains what they should be looking for when exploring Jesus and what.

Why do individuals explore the unknown? In all cases where exploration takes place, arousal or desire is reduced.

Children’s Preference for Learning Could Help Create Curious AI

It has been suggested that curiosity is not a unitary construct. Second, he conceptualizes curiosity as a personality trait that is assessed by personality measures.

Blarer proposed curiosity to be intrinsic to the individuals perceptions and world experiences and thus Blarer is the basis for the intrinsic motivation viewpoint in curiosity theory. The scientific term "curiosity" is more neutral.

The Business Case for Curiosity

Nissen experimented with rats and defines exploratory behavior in two ways 1. Their definition of activation is "the state of a catalytic and energizing mechanism in the central nervous system". Firstly, the conception of an intrinsically motivated behavioral system, which cannot be linked to a reducible drive raises serious questions about motivational psychology since the 's.

William James pointed out two kinds of curiosity. What is the role of homeostatic drives to curiosity? Are curiosity and exploration motivations or drives? Kreitler and Kreitler have changed positions from the basic assumption of looklng theory to a more cognitive process in the development of exploratory behavior. Originally, Berlyne a, thought that hslp aversive and drive-reducing effect of deviations of the arousal potential from the individual's optimum level as the underlying mechanism of curiosity.

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Motivation is defined as the arousal, direction and persistence of behavior Franken, ; an internal state or condition that activates behavior and gives it direction; desire or want, that energizes and directs goal-oriented behavior; the influence of needs and desires on the intensity and direction of behavior. Langevin has conducted fof in the area of curiosity and classifies measures of curiosity into two.

They define arousal as "diverse manifestations of activation, such as muscle tone, heart rate, and increased sensitivity for stimuli". By Susan Edelman spring What makes people curious?

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Harlow states that exploration is an example of human motivation that is independent from homeostatic drives. Before curiosity was seen in the light of its social function, for example: the eagerness or greed to get to know something new for the sake of newness, and in early psychological literature the term curiosity had a negative connotation.

More research is needed to study curiosity behavior in its own cultural context to gain a better understanding of the functional relationships between various environmental and social facilitators and inhibitors of curiosity in a given society. The idea of curiosity was rediscovered when laboratory researchers wondered about the maze activities of the lab rat when none of the drive states such as thirst or hunger were aroused.

His findings conclude that there lolking a high similarity of demand characteristics of stimuli in two cultures of widely differing historical antecedents and technological development. Blarer states that the inhibition of curiosity may result in different forms of pathological behavior, such as depression, and higher levels of sensation-seeking or thrill seeking behavior.

World Wide Web Resources. Research findings seem to be dependent on the theoretical orientation of the theorist and the emphasis lies on internal or external stimulus conditions, primary-inborn or secondary-acquired drives, and homeostatic-biogenetic versus nonhomeostatic-psychological motivations.

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