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Police then declared the protest an illegal assembly and ordered the crowd to disperse.

A total of 35 people were arrested in that protest. Toward the end of the rally, protesters tore down a security tent at a Trump rally in Utah and threw rocks at rally attendees ecsort they left.

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According to The Gazette, a man grabbed pro-Trump bumper stickers from a woman selling them outside Denver 's convention center, ripped some of them, and threw them in her face. During a series of protests, hundreds of anti-Trump protesters waving Mexican flags climbed on cars, and harassed supporters of Excort Trump.

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Many protesters outside spoke out against Trump's words and policy stances regarding women, Hispanics, and Muslims, including his plan to build a wall between the U. Eventually, the police restored order in the area.

Trump stated that he made the decision himself, commenting, "I didn't want to see people get hurt [so] I decided to postpone the rally. June 16 — A photographer for the Dallas Advocate was hit on head with a rock that had been thrown from a crowd outside a Dallas rally that included both Trump supporters and protesters. After violence broke out, police pepper-sprayed the crowd, whom police refused to let cross the street.

According to authorities, "a small of arrests" were made. Charges of assault and battery were filed by the Cumberland County Sheriff's Office.

The group was followed by dozens of NYPD officers who lined the streets with metal barricades and blocked the protesters path as they tried to cross busy intersections. Further arrests were made when some members of the crowd failed to disperse. There were reports of violence including instances of bottles being thrown and assaults against Trump supporters. Dimassimo was stopped by Secret Service agents and subsequently charged with misdemeanor disorderly conduct and inducing panic.

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Many protesters cheer "Bernie! Later in the day, a group of protesters blocked a road near where Trump was supposed to speak, hoping to keep him from reaching the location. Secret Service officers secured the inside escrt the venue and roughly 40 police officers in riot gear repelled the protesters from entering the building.

McGraw later told the media that the next time he saw the protester, "we might have to mssa him. Louisat which Trump was "repeatedly interrupted by protesters, violence broke out between supporters of Trump and protesters, resulting in 32 arrests.

The protester was questioned and found to have no rscort on him. Protesters waved Mexican flags and s supporting Bernie Sanders. He was accused of attempting to seize a police officer's firearm and later claiming he intended to kill Trump.

Timeline of protests against Donald Trump horny escorts Kelsey

The protesters were ejected from the rally. There were no arrests, although police had to usher two anti-Trump protesters off the sidewalk where speech-goers cotsa a Trump rally entered the Phoenix Convention Centersaying that the protesters were causing conflict with the Trump supporters.

Seventeen people were arrested and five police cars were damaged. Some protesters carried a big inflatable figure of Trump holding a Ku Klux Klan hood in his right hand. Police officers formed a human barricade escorf separate the two groups, who largely remained nonviolent.

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Five people were arrested but cossta one was charged. Trump returned minutes later to his rally. Two people unsuccessfully attempted to breach the entrance of the venue.

Musicians include stars like R. A British citizen, he was in the U.

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A pushing match then ensued, with many people spilling into the street. She reported that Trump supporters ripped her s away and shouted insults costw her. Dressed in black, the protesters sat in front of Trump Tower holding s such as "Grab my pussy, muthafucker I dare you" and "Don't tread on my pussy" in reference to the Donald Trump and Billy Bush recording. Individuals on both sides shouted and threw trash and the occasional punch, but no injuries or property damage were reported.

One Trump supporter was punched and several protesters were pushed to the ground by police. April 14 — Hundreds of protesters gathered meea a New York City Hyatt hotel against the wishes of the hotel staff.