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In the house, they discovered alleged "fake visa letters" and what they believe is a actrsss of prostitution" that mentions the names of the victims, the sexual acts and the payments received.

Immigration officers are said to have first suspected the Modugumudis after questioning an actress who had arrived last November to attend an event in California. The escrt are said to have sometimes stayed in the home of the Modugumudis or travelled with them to hotels or even other cities to meet "clients". But others who work in the industry said such operations were not uncommon.

BBC Telugu has acquired a copy of the affidavit that details the charges and evidence against the couple, who appear to have been under investigation by the US Department of Homeland Security since January Bbollywood the case has been getting plenty of attention on Telugu news media in India - television news especially has devoted hours every day to the story and has used it to call out the alleged harassment and abuse of women in the Telugu film industry.

The xctress were allegedly taken to events where the Modugumudis would "identify potential customers" who would pay to have sex with the actresses.

The couple's visas expired six months after their arrival but they stayed on. Authorities interviewed one alleged client who they say admitted to "meeting one of the actresses for sex".

Actrfss have not entered a plea or made any public statement. They also interviewed at least one alleged victim who told them she had been made to travel to three cities, where men were sent to her room.

The affidavit also says escoort they were arrested in January for overstaying as part of a separate investigation but they were released on bail in February. The affidavit lodged with the criminal complaint mentions five different women, all female Indian actresses, who were allegedly brought to the US for prostitution.

Also known as Tollywood, it is one of India's biggest regional film industries and routinely produces blockbuster hits that rival Bollywood's most popular films. According to rscort revealed federal charges, Kishan Modugumudi and his wife, Chandra, arranged for at least five Telugu actresses to travel to the US on the pretext of attending cultural events as performers or guests.

She apparently said her visit to the US and her stay there had been arranged by a man named "Raju", who officers say was an alleged alias bollyowod Mr Modugumudi. He is said to have claimed in his visa application that he was "involved" with the Telugu film industry and wanted to travel to the US to "make contacts". But, according to the affidavit, the officers found the event she referred to had happened two days earlier and when they contacted the organisers, they said they did not know the woman and that she had not been invited as a guest.

They were arrested at the end of April and a federal court heard charges against them on bollywpod June. The actress returned to India after her visa was revoked but she allegedly told investigators that Mr Modugumudi called her and told her that it would mean "nothing for him to harm her if she talked to the police about him because she is small and unknown, not a big actress".