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2 hotties ready for some fun

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When Schatar mentioned donating to charity, Reaey said that was not a subject one should boast about. Mo'Nique spoke with Schatar about the picture uotties, and asked all the girls if they took it. Before the elimination, Cristal talked to Mo'Nique and put the blame on Becky and Jennifer, since they were in charge of deing the dress. Larissa stumbled over her part and Mo'Nique was impressed with Shay's debating skills. Cristal role-played Saaphyri by screaming.


Even though Cristal was a model outside of the show, she believed that being the model would irritate the judges for being in the limelight. Schatar and Heather immediately pair up, in which Schatar then reveals to Heather that it was her who hid Heather's dress. While Brooke's team was banking on her friend with Courtney to save them from expulsion, Courtney ultimately chose Leilene's team.

She eventually composed herself and ed Becky to sell off the rest of their items. This is ironic as Larissa's former nickname was "Bootz". When I turn around I got no back to me".

Leilene is told that she was only with one guy all night, and it wasn't even the right one and that she could osme better, but she could leave the carpet. The insanity culminated during a surprise birthday party for Mo'Nique, where Mo'Nique found herself counseling Becky, convincing her not to leave.

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From this point forward, each contestant was referred reaxy using their real names. At the Prom, Leilene stays with one man the Professional the whole night.

She also admits to getting high and Mo'Nique believed that she was high during the interview. Heather came down with red pumps, leading to even hottis teacher to comment them as "stripperish".

Girl Scouts | Building Girls of Courage, Confidence, and Character

Jennifer did hardly anything, leaving the de to Becky and Cristal, who took control and planned much of the outfit. Mo'Nique also told all the girls that if they did hide the pictures, and she eliminated the wrong person, "Karma comes back around.

At camp, the girls struggled with setting the tent hottues preparing food. He retorted, "I thought I was supposed to be asking the questions". After the conversation with Mo'Nique, Schatar states that she hopes whoever set her up will "get the boot tonight" at elimination. Brooke and Leilene won the competition and a shopping spree at Forever Darra - Darra was Schatar's partner and therefore was expelled along with her.

Mo'Nique gave reasoning that Larissa acted childish, Cristal was self-absorbed, and Heather possessed a diva and self-centered attitude. All the girls received their pledge pins from Mo'Nique and threw out their name tags with their nicknames from when they were on Flavor of Love. A mixer was then held for hottties girls to have talks with Mo'Nique and the deans.

They would pair into twos for the first round. The girls first had to talk to Firestone in groups of two to see who will impress him enough to go onto the dinner.

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They each created a custom scent, name, bottle, and poster with which to present their product. When they arrived home, Larissa continued to insult her, gleefully stating in an interview that Leilene "is her child today. As a result, Courtney was expelled for being in the fence and not really stepping it up. Mo'Nique sent Becky back with the other girls, leaving either Cristal or Jennifer to be eliminated. Thela starts to lose patience as no one helps her find a can opener, and she has a minor breakdown.

However, Shay could not bring herself to choose between Becky and Leilene.

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At the elimination, Leilene and Darra were called out for their weakness, but Thela was ultimately eliminated. On the first team, Leilene soem chosen as the model, Saaphyri was chosen for make-up, Larissa was chosen for hair and Schatar and Shay were the dress deers. Leilene was sent back to the group by Mo'Nique, and Cristal was expelled for a perceived failure to change. Courtney was also called down after Larissa was asked to choose another yotties of her team.

Jon Bruschke made the decision that the negative team 'focused on the task' and awarded them the trophy and the victory. Shay gets eliminated ofr asked "Which fork do you use to eat frog legs? From the second season, Saaphyri returned due to her fight with H-Town and her subsequent elimination an hour into the competition; Bootz for "hating" on other contestants; Buckwild for being the blackest white girl, Like Dat for her slovenly table manners; Buckeey and Krazy for fog balcony fight which led to Buckeey's elimination; and Toasteee due to her revelation that she posed nude for pornographic websites and production companies.

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After asking too many questions, Leilene gets herself into doing a toast in front of everyone. Mo'Nique also learned that she was responsible for stealing Leilene's picture. Courtney was rejected when she asked Firestone if he came from California and did reality TV. First aired June 17, A summary of the eight past episodes, plus bonus never-before seen clips: Mo'Nique ordering pizza and fried chicken for the thirteen girls Brooke urinating in a water bottle on the bus after leaving the bar Shay calls Brooke and Leilene out for not picking herself, Saaphyriand Becky for the shopping spree at Forever 21and Darra for being fake.

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When the girls get to table manners, Leilene gets confused. On the other hand, Darra's team was chastised after the dress ended up looking horrible, and they were accused of trying to manipulate Mo'Nique, as choosing the larger woman to model would appeal to her more. They got into a fight over it in the kitchen. She thought that if Larissa confessed and apologized like her then Larissa would not be eliminated.

The third part put Schatar and Saaphyri against each other. No Mo'Nicknames[ edit ] First aired April 15, Each girl was introduced and the audience was told why they were chosen to go to Charm School, via clips from Flavor of Love. She also warns Shay about being an enabler, and that she should do better with picking her friends.

Despite being instructed to skme the teammates that would help the team to win, Leilene picked Thela who was complaining about her leg and Darra who is not athleticso their feelings wouldn't be hurt. Mo'Nique called Leilene over and commended her generosity for giving away her mother's ring.

The girls returned home to make their names and posters. Larissa talked with Mo'Nique about it and Brooke was called to them shortly after. Mo'Nique explained to Courtney that because she appeared comfortable being neutral and "staying on the fence," she was not giving herself a chance to grow and horties not really need this as much as the rest of the girls.